The Walk to Emmaus experience begins with the prayerful consideration and invitation from a sponsor.  After one accepts this invitation they complete an application. If you feel led to attend a walk and need direction in finding a sponsor, please contact a board member. 

You can find and complete the form online, or print the file below and send it with a $50 (Walk) or $30 (Flight) deposit to PO BOX 2004, Muncie, IN 47307.

Please note:
When completing Walk/Flight applications, please be sure to fill out each of the following portions in full:
  • Pilgrim side of application (Adults/Walks)
  • Butterfly side of application (Children/Chrysalis)
  • Sponsor side of application
  • Emergency/Medication Information Form
Upcoming Walk Dates:

ECI Emmaus Men’s Walk #38 
April 12, 2018   Send Off   6:30pm 
April 14, 2018   Rush    7:00pm 
April 14, 2018   Candlelight  8:00pm 
April 15, 2018   Closing   4:00pm 

ECI Emmaus Women’s Walk #38 
April 19, 2018   Send off   6:30pm 
April 21, 2018   rush    7:00pm 
April 21, 2018   candlelight  8:00pm 
April 22, 2018   closing   4:00pm