Welcome to the home of the 
East Central Indiana Emmaus and Chrysalis Community

Men's Walk Events
Men's Walk #35 October 16-19

Send-Off, October 16, 7 pm
Candlelight, October 18, 8 pm
Closing, October 19, 4 pm
Shiloh Park Conference Room
Marion, IN

Women's Walk Events
Women's Walk #35 October 23-26
Send-Off, October 23, 7 pm
Candlelight, October 25, 8 pm
Closing, October 26, 4 pm
Shiloh Park Conference Room
Marion, IN

Please help us cover the Men's and Women's Walks in prayer. Sign up for the 72-hour Prayer Vigil by clicking on the links below:

Upcoming Events
-November Board Meeting:
November 4, 6:30 pm
The Garden at Gethsemane

-October Gatherings/R.U.S.H.:
 October 18, 7 pm and October 25, 7 pm
Shelter at Shiloh Park, Marion, IN

-November After-Walk Gathering:
November 7, 6:30 pm
Mt. Summit Christian Church