Looking for a way to contribute to your Emmaus/Chrysalis Community?
Here's your opportunity!

 We currently have a Tide fundraiser underway to raise money for Chrysalis Flights. Click on the links below to access fundraising forms. In addition, you may contact Angela Glaub to get involved!

The ECI Emmaus Board is supporting The Upper Room with a program called "The Gift."
 Below is a description of "The Gift" program from The Upper Room website:

"In all of the Emmaus program ministries, participants are called to consider new ways to live out Christian action by making Christ’s love real in the world. One way to respond is by contributing to “The Gift,” a fundraising initiative led by the International Office of Emmaus of The Upper Room. “The Gift” ensures that Christians throughout the world can enjoy the fruits of these transformative experiences. When you contribute to “The Gift” fund, you help others respond to their call to Christian leadership. Your financial support assists emerging communities with start-up needs such as leadership training, program resources, and more. Join fellow pilgrims and butterflies in sustaining and growing this meaningful ministry."

The ECI Community can contribute to this program through offerings at Gatherings now through September 4th. 25% of every offering collected will go toward "The Gift." Please consider contributing to this wonderful program ministry!

Another way to get involved is to consider giving to your Emmaus/Chrysalis Community. You can easily click on the "Donate" tab below. This will give you an opportunity to give to the Community directly through a PayPal account.